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Festival of Cultures

Māori, Korean, Japanese, Australian, Indian, Vietnamese, English, Taiwanese – the list goes on for the ethnicities represented at Woodford House. The community we have here at school is not only growing but becoming more diverse with every year. To recognise and celebrate the different cultures within our school, we held a Festival of Cultures on Friday 2 June.

The festival began with the whole school arriving dressed in cultural outfits, some representing their own cultures while others adopted new and various ones. The variety of costumes covered the majority of nations around the globe, with some going to an extra effort to represent multiple cultures.

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The cultural festivities were brought to the Chapel with Miharu Ngata beautifully singing a Japanese song. With a range of greetings in different languages displayed throughout the service and a performance by the Kapa Haka group, we all experienced Chapel in a different way.

In classic Woodford House style, the main part of the event, and perhaps the most anticipated part, involved food. The Year 10 Technology Class and the Festival of Cultures Committee provided tasters of food from different cultures and lines quickly formed at the stalls during lunchtime. There was a cultural display in the background and music playing, which created an energetic and unique atmosphere. Thai, French, Japanese, Canadian and Italian, were just a few of the cuisines available and put a great smile on everyone’s face.

It is truly amazing how much can be achieved from one day of activities, food, and performances. On the surface it appears as simply a bit of fun but it was in fact much more than that. The School united in a way like no other. Where passions for food and cultures were ignited and the awareness of cultural diversity spread. Cultures were not only celebrated but became an inspiration for travel, for education and for a new perspective.

Caitlin Maiorana, Community Prefect