Woodford house


Festival of Cultures 2019

Filled with amazing food, fun games, and absolutely stellar performances, the Festival of Cultures 2019 enabled students to share their cultures and where they come from with each other. This is what Festival of Cultures is all about.

The festival took place in week 5, Term 2 and everyone enjoyed exploring cultural diversity at Woodford House. Right from the start, the performances in the School Hall were a highlight for everyone.

First came the kapa haka girls, holding everyone’s attention with their beautiful voices and allowing us to remember the origins of Aotearoa. Vaishnavi Malaviya then took over the stage, showing everyone a traditional Rajasthani folk dance, titled Ghoomar. Her fantastic costume showed off every spin, flowing around her like water.

Eva Chang, Cherry Pang and Annie Wang then brought elegance to the stage with their Chinese Fan Dance. The audience was transfixed by the way they glided across the stage with their beautiful fans. Isobel Ham, Liberty Jackson, Sophia Wilson, and Lucy Simmons were dressed to impress (and certainly did so) with their highland dancing. Their dedication to this craft was clear to see and inspiring to watch.

The penultimate performance was by Harriet Wong and Scarlette Lan. Scarlette showed off her voice, and Harriet her moves with a Chinese song.

Our spectacular finale introduced Hyewon Kim, Cherry Pang, and Kanako Hayashi. These girls quickly became an audience favourite with their flawless performance of Kill This Love by K-Pop group, Blackpink. We were also blessed in Chapel with the voices of Miharu Nagata and Tracy Zeng. Both girls have such angelic voices and it was amazing hearing them live.

In typical Woodford House fashion, food was also a strong focus. Year 10 Food Technology students provided delicious cuisine from Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe, while Senior French students gave away crêpes. The service team also sold cupcakes in support of Pink Shirt Day, an anti-bullying charity, and the Senior Spanish girls sold churros to raise money for their overseas exchange.

Festival of Cultures is a chance for all of us to reflect on our ancestors and reconnect with where we come from. It allows us to proudly express our heritage, and provides us with the opportunity to show it in our school community. As the world becomes more globally aware it is important that we, the next generation, are informed and passionate about these social, political and environmental issues. If we are, we can make this world a better place for everyone.

Lucy Tustin, Global Prefect