Woodford house


Extraordinary Achievement

The Woodford House Girl

A global citizen who seizes opportunities. From academia to music, drama and sport, to community service, Woodford Girls are actively involved in all life has to offer them.

Our girls are creative, critical thinkers who passionately participate in a range of experiences.

They are self-motivated and enjoy being part of exciting new challenges.

Individual Pathways

Our girls are active seekers, users and creators of knowledge. We encourage them to think creatively, and to be enterprising and resourceful.

We instil in them a passion for learning and the skills to look for their own answers in life.

Our girls experience a range of learning opportunities that ensure they build a strong holistic foundation of skills in their junior years, while honing their knowledge in their senior years. Their school experience prepares them to be life-long learners.

Nurtured and Loved

For our students Woodford is ‘home-away-from-home’. The special character of Woodford House revolves around our chapel and our spirituality in the Christian faith. With 325 girls in our care Woodford is like a family.

Caring for our girls’ wellbeing extends to providing them with excellent nutrition. Our on-site caterers are specialists in nutrition for young women.

Our holistic approach to wellbeing means all our girls participate fully in sport, music and drama.


At Woodford, leadership underpins much of what we do. We offer an holistic education that occupies the ‘heads, hearts and hands’ of our girls, and in all our in-class and co-curricular experiences we encourage our girls to participate in leadership roles.

For different years this takes different forms, but confidence, empathy and positive role modelling are common threads throughout.