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Exploring Future Pathways

A pat on the back to the students who have progressed through the majority of their STAR and Gateway programmes for the year. Their efforts will leave them ample time to concentrate on preparing for their other exam subjects and help them decide which subjects to take next year.

Most of the girls are exploring options for future study and careers so they have taken different papers to investigate various industries such as Tourism, Business, Health, Equine Studies and Agriculture.

Lydia Hill has nearly finished her work placement with Dunstall’s Funeral Directors. Lydia has been learning about all aspects of the industry and has found the experience challenging and fascinating.

Hope Phillips has also been out on placement at Alterations Studio, utilising her considerable sewing and fashion ideas to learn more about the clothing industry. This has been a valuable experience for Hope to build on her passion and learning in an industry setting whilst still at school.

We especially congratulate Charlotte Brown who will be our first student to complete the National Certificate of Early Childhood Education through Porse. The course runs over two years and includes 18 papers which are worth more than 60 credits over Levels 2 and 3. What a fantastic achievement!

I have taken Pathways over the past two years at school due to my interest around early childhood teaching in the future. This was an excellent way to allow myself to gain an understanding about what it’s like and realise that early childhood teaching is a very possible pathway for me in the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course over the past two years, as I have gained experience and extensive knowledge about the topic. At this stage I am keen to do social work as well as a teaching degree at the end. Without doing this course I’m not sure I would be as keen to pursue this in my future tertiary studies.”

Charlotte Brown, Year 13


Charlotte completing observations at Lucknow Kindergarten

 Ms Jane Perry, Pathways Programmes Coordinator