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Exploring Careers in Health

On 14 June, 18 Year 10 and 11 students attended the annual Health Careers Expo at the Education Centre at Hawke’s Bay Hospital. Every year, there are more exhibitors, who are all employees of the District Health Board and represent a wide range of health related jobs.

Many of the displays are interactive, including putting on “scrubs”, incubating, filling a dental cavity, key hole surgery, locating a vein for injecting and suturing a wound. This is a great introduction to the opportunities available within the health sector. Students enjoyed participating in the wide range of activities and talking directly with health professionals.

The Health Careers Expo leads on to the Incubator Programme which is aimed at Year 12 and 13 students and provides the opportunity to attend more in-depth presentations over the year.

Student feedback gathered at the end of the Health Careers Expo 2018 was very positive:

“It gave me a perspective about what I want to do. It confirmed my interest in the health sector and gave me options if I didn’t get into the first year to study medicine.”

Isobel Ham, Year 10

“Extremely informative and insightful, and I am interested in furthering my knowledge in this sector.”

Maddy Kitchener, Year 10

“It was a good experience, because it got young people involved with medical professionals and a lot of the exhibits were interactive.”

Charlotte MacFarquhar, Year 10

“The different stalls were very informative and they taught us in fun ways. I talked to some doctors about my needle phobia and they gave me some alternative health career routes such as medical research.”

Ruby Chadd, Year 11

Mrs Pam Knight, Careers Advisor