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Exploring Career Options Early

We are continually offering experiential learning opportunities at Woodford House that equip our young women to embrace the brightest possible future.

It is important that our girls begin exploring their career options early and that we empower the girls to develop self-awareness as well as the essential skills and knowledge required for different careers. 

Earlier in the year, our Year 12 students participated in a workshop with well-known career coach Russell Booth. This workshop focused on helping the girls understand how their experiences influence not only their character but also shape their purpose in life – which affects career choices.

Students identified their strengths then they had discussions around jobs and universities. This discussion has laid the foundation for our girls to become confident in the choices they make about when (or if) to study, and if they choose further study, where and what interests them.

We were fortunate to hear from several of the tertiary providers before we closed the School due to the national lockdown of Covid19. Sadly, we missed the information evenings with Latitude, and the Otago, Canterbury and Waikato universities. However, students are still able to contact the liaison officers individually. Information on how to do this is posted on Schoology and it is recommended that the girls take this opportunity to contact the tertiary learning centres they are interested in attending in the future.

Just before the lockdown, I interviewed 85% of the Year 13 students about their current situation and goals beyond Woodford House. It was heartening to learn that many of them had a good idea of what they would like to study. There will still be many girls feeling anxious that they haven’t yet decided “what to do with their lives”. It is still early days so I encourage all girls planning tertiary study to take the time to investigate their options now. Explore the university websites and search by subject or degree. 

Different institutions may offer slightly different programmes. There are a huge amount of degrees and training options available at the Polytechnics around the country which are worth looking into too.

The timeline for beginning the tertiary journey for Year 13s is still very manageable. However, girls will need to complete their Cornerstone Documents soon in order for the testimonial process to begin in May before Halls applications commence in July. A template for this document is in the resources of the Year 13 Schoology Group.

I invite our parents and caregivers to share this career journey with us. We use a platform called Careers Central which allows me to record student data. It’s also a one-stop shop for the girls to reflect on their personal profile, search for jobs, qualifications, universities and so on. Parents can log on to the Careers Central website using their Kamar username and password or download the app.

Notices about up-coming events or courses will be posted on Career Central, Schoology groups and the Week Ahead notices where possible, and you are welcome to seek an interview with me.

Mrs Jane Perry, Careers Advisor