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Exam experience for intermediate students

Exams – Week 3/4

At the Year 7 and 8 level, the end of year exams are an opportunity for the girls to familiarise themselves with what to expect higher up in the school.

Knowing how to study and prepare for an exam is often a challenge and the end of year exam experience gives the girls an opportunity to find out what methods of study work best for them.

All girls will be given hints and tips on how best to study, but they will need to find out what methods best suits them as everyone is different. The exam timetable, a guideline of what to study and a copy of helpful study tips have all been posted on Woodbook.

The girls should start revising and preparing for their exams if they have not already done so.

The girls will write their science exam on Friday 30 October, their maths and social science exams on Monday 2 November and their English exam on Tuesday 2 November.

It is important to remember that at this level in the school, exams are to be seen as an opportunity to get used to the whole examination experience. A more reliable and in-depth reflection of individual progress and achievement will be the ongoing class assessments covered this year as well as progress reflected in standardised New Zealand based assessments such e-asTTle tests and PATs.

ICAS English Results

Traditionally the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) extension exams have been found to be very challenging.
This year we are pleased to congratulate Tessa Burns, Phoebe Burns, Asta Kain and Ellie Knowles for receiving Distinction awards.
Credit awards were gained by Olive Cornwall, Charlotte Pettigrew-Heeps, Isobel Ham, Hannah Roberts, Rachel Hansen, Madalyn Rideout, Hannah Harris, Harriet Alderson, Georgia Russell and Zara Waldin with Kate Baddeley gaining a Merit award.
A very fine achievement by these girls.

Ms Hayley Dustin, HoD Intermediate

Asta, Tessa, Phoebe and Ellie received distinction awards

icas eng 001