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Equestrian Student Selected to Represent New Zealand

ih-march2017-phoebe burns2Phoebe Burns, Year 9, was selected to represent New Zealand in the FEI Children’s International Classics 2017. Phoebe came second overall at the series finals in Masterton. She also won Round Two and took 5th place in Round One. Gap Student, Nicola Parker, caught up with her to find out more.

Did you do a lot of training for Horse of the Year (HOY)?

Yes, it’s been pretty much the whole season, since September last year, and I definitely plan on taking part in HOY with my pony, Beau, next year.

How did you feel when you found out you would be representing New Zealand in the FEI Children’s International Classics?

I was pretty excited. They called the people they had selected to take part and then announced it two days later.

Do you feel under a lot of pressure to be representing New Zealand at such a young age?

Not really, everyone else in the team is in the same boat and it’s not like I’m the least experienced just because I’m 12. There are also two 13-year-olds and one 14-year-old in the team.

Which event or events were you participating in during the FEI Children’s International Classics?

It’s just show jumping and the first two rounds are on the first day. There is a day off and the finals are on the last day.

Are you currently planning on taking part in any other equestrian competitions?

Series finals were the last show of this season, and then we have the whole of the winter off. I’m planning on taking part in lots of competitions next season, which starts in September.

Are you looking into pursuing a career in equestrian or will it remain as a hobby for you?

I hope to have a career in horse training.

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