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EIT Visit Inspires Science Students

On Thursday 9 August, the Year 11 chemistry and physics stream students visited the EIT School of Viticulture and Wine to find out how their learning applies to the wine industry.

One half of the program was led by Elise Montgomery. With 30 years experience as a winemaker, Elise lectures on the degree program in the chemistry aspects of the course. She spoke to and instructed the girls through laboratory work about measuring the pH and titratable acidity (TA) of grape juice to determine if it is ready for processing.

The other half of the program was led by Shaun La Franco, also a winemaker, who lectures on both the Engineering and Winemaking courses. The girls were given hands-on opportunities to look at the theory and application of force, pressure, energy transformations and efficiency in the wine making process.


Special thanks to Sue Ross, Head of School of Viticulture and Wine for helping us organise the visit.

Mrs Iresha Dona, Physics Teacher