Woodford house


Dux Desserts

Twelve girls attended the special Dux Desserts evening earlier this term. Dux Desserts is a celebration at the end of every term for girls who gained an excellence grade in any summative assessment (formal, whole class or year level). As there are many girls who achieve at this level, the twelve girls are selected through a random draw.

During the evening, the girls have dessert, served by myself and our Academic Prefect, while listening to a guest speaker. This term’s guest was Ana Ward, mum to Sports Prefect Liv Ward, Board of Proprietors member and former President of the Woodford House Parents’ Association.


Ana was a fantastic presenter, sharing lessons she was never taught at school. Her messages ranged from, “do something for others without expecting anything in return – the law of giving” to “dare to be different, be quirky and be yourself”.

She also talked about metaphorically changing her coats as she moved from accountant for organisations such as the BNZ, to the Aids Foundation, Lion Nathan and then more recently as a Board Member for her family business, Taylor Preston.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed Ana’s insightful and engaging presentation, opening their eyes and minds to a new sphere of career opportunities.

We encourage girls to strive for excellence in all future tasks and to complete their entries for Term 2’s Dux Desserts.

Mrs Dionne Thomas, Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning