Woodford house


Dux Desserts

All girls from Years 7-13 that gain an Excellence grade in any assessment (formal, whole class/year level) are in the draw to attend a Dux Desserts evening.

At the beginning of Term 4, 20 girls, 10 from Years 7-10 and 10 from Years 11-13, enjoyed dessert in the board room, served by myself and Michaela Fleming, who is a member of our Academic Committee. Woodford House Old Girl Andrea Gibbs, (WH 1980-1984) and mum to Ginny Gibbs, Year 12, joined us for the evening.

Andrea was a great presenter, sharing lessons around “think big, dream big”. She talked about her journey, from Woodford House where she vividly remembered a rather scary music teacher, stealing grapefruit, green liver for lunch on her first day and only one phone between 160 girls, to studying Veterinary Science at Massey University in Palmerston North. The girls appreciated her message of “work is not work if it is your passion” – a message we too share with the girls when asking them to choose their courses.

We encourage girls to strive for excellence in all future tasks and complete their entry for Dux Desserts 2017.

Mrs Dionne Thomas, Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning