Woodford house


Dream Team Inspires Boarding Leaders

Louise Anaru, Principal of Flaxmere College, visited Woodford House to speak to our Year 12 and 13 boarding leaders about leadership. Louise was representing the Sir Peter Blake Trust Dream Team. Year 12 weekly boarder, Cilla Hewitt gives an insight into Louise’s inspirational responses to the girls’ questions.


Year 12 and 13 Boarding Leaders with Louise Anaru – Sir Peter Blake Trust Dream Team

Who are your inspirations and why?
My Grandmother, as she took me in as a young child. She gave me the opportunity to go to a private school and offered guidance which kept me out of trouble.

What is your advice to girls going into Year 13 next year?
Stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Adults can have dreams for you which may not match yours, but it’s your dream.

What has been your biggest challenge throughout your leadership career?
Seeing the lack of belief and knowing that the students had so much potential to achieve their dreams but didn’t have the confidence to transition into a career pathway.

What are your key aspirations for the next 10 years?
I hope that whatever I am doing continues to influence education. I wish to revive another school that is close to closing. Then I wish to be able to maintain my connection with my children and support them more and more as they grow up.

Cilla Hewitt, Year 12