Woodford house


Disney the Lion King Jr Production

The speed with which girls ran up the hill following athletics may have been faster than the times on the track.

The reason was that the final cast list for our big production of Disney the Lion King Jr, which is combined with Lindisfarne College, was posted at the end of the school day outside the Arts’ office.

This came after several weeks of auditions and call-backs involving singing, dancing and acting as nearly 50 girls vied for 30 positions.

ih-mar2016-lionking1 ih-mar2016-lionking2 ih-mar2016-lionking3

The Director, Kathy Atkin, and Musical Director, John Snowling, described the process as challenging because there was so much talent and enthusiasm on show.

The first rehearsals began in Term 1 with the show dates set for the Thursday 11 – Sunday 14 August at the Lindisfarne Performing Arts Centre. Mark your calendars.

We are the first secondary school in New Zealand to secure the rights for this fabulous show.

The music for iconic songs like The Circle of Life are already being hummed around the school.

There will be wider involvement from the school community over the following months to create costumes and props and provide crew for the production.

The Woodford House cast for Disney The Lion King Jr is:

  • Rafiki: Montana Porima
  • Sarabi: Susannah Hansen
  • Shenzi: Michaela-Rose Tripp
  • Ed: Laura Matthews
  • Nala: Caitie Heath-Anderson
  • Young Nala: Tessa Burns / Ella Ruddle
  • Sarafina: Bella Christie
  • Hyena Pack: Sarah Ardin,Willa Aitken, Maddy Mickleson, Kendall Grace
  • Lionesses (dancers): Stephanie Goodwin, Abby May, Giorgia Hickey, Enya MacMillan

Chorus Females: Katarina Porima, Lizzie Harvey, Georgia Mischefski-Gray, Ella Tweedie, Esther Scrimshaw, Annah Knowles, Niamh Bentley, Amelia Foster, Ruby Andrews, Emily Park, Michelle Kim, Ella Mackenzie, Angel Hillman, Jordan Teneti, Kantima La Ong and Brooke Wray.

Mrs Josephine Carpenter, Director of Performing Arts