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Designing garments for a specific purpose

At Level 2, students must design, produce and implement a garment or outfit for a specific purpose.

This year, students wore their designs in a variety of contexts, including the races, diving, travelling by bus to Wellington and at a fashion competition. The garment was evaluated to see if it was fit for purpose, but if it did not stand up to the implementation successfully, the student had to come up with an alternative solution, which was implemented if she continued with the design.

Bianca Kitchin is the Sports Council’s Head of Diving and needs many pairs of togs, which she can comfortably and safely dive in. Togs can be expensive, so Bianca challenged herself to design a pair with the best features from her existing range of togs, for under $25.

Bianca Kitchin diving togs2

As soon as the School pool was available to use, and on a beautiful sunny day in October, Bianca put them to the test.

Bianca’s diving coach, Cyril Buske, attended the implementation to check her diving technique was not impaired by her togs. Much to Bianca’s credit, her togs allowed her to successfully perform a number of dives without malfunctioning.

Mrs Pam Knight, HoD Technology