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Curiosity helps save the environment

Curiosity is an important intellectual trait that is encouraged and embraced at Woodford House. Being curious keeps your mind stimulated and opens up a world of opportunities, which Year 9 student Ella Simmons knows all about.

Ella loves learning and can often be found acquiring knowledge in the classroom or through reading books, watching the news and researching on the internet.  Her inquisitive nature, combined with a passion for the ocean, has helped Ella become a budding conservationist.

During the past few years, Ella has been learning about pollution, climate change and rubbish, and how they affect our environment.

“The seas are being polluted and all the sea life is in danger,” Ella says.

“The sea is a beautiful thing. It takes up more than 70 per cent of the world, and when I look at it, it makes me feel really small. I spend quite a bit of time by the sea, as I do surf life saving, and it is really sad that humans are causing the death of many sea creatures.

She says it is important to save the sea life because every living thing in the world is dependent on every other living thing in some way or another.

“Humans are dependent on the sea, as it provides food, oxygen, and even business, among many other benefits. For example, the endangered green sea turtles among other turtles graze on sea grass. For the sea grass to grow and spread, it has to be cut short to be healthy, just like our lawns at home. This sea grass creates breeding grounds and a home for many different types of small fish, shellfish, and crustaceans that are food for bigger fish like tuna, which humans eat. Without the turtles at the start of this chain, we may lose everything.”

Last year, Ella wrote a poem for New Zealand’s Seaweek about how humans are killing sea turtles. Her poem not only won prizes, but it was turned into a video by Auckland Zoo and shared on their Facebook page, reaching more than 3000 people.

“I particularly care for the turtles because some species are critically endangered and I would like to help this, and also because they are just an awesome animal, the baby turtle was my favourite in Finding Nemo.”

It is Ella’s curious mind that is helping save the environment one key message at a time.