Woodford house


CREST Challenge

CREST is a product development competition incorporating elements of creativity, science, innovation and technology. This year, a group of Year 12 students took up the challenge.

Each member of the team took responsibility for the tasks best suited to their area of expertise. Catie Nettlingham was in charge of food practicals, Tajpreet Padda was the scientist and communications manager, and Caitlin Maiorana developed and designed the packaging.

The brief provided by our client company, GreenMount Foods, was to present a nutritious, frozen, hand-held vegetarian snack suitable for tertiary students. Our team developed a tasty chilli-bean veggie wrap which we are very proud of, and hope that it may appear in the supermarket one day.

As the first Woodford House team to enter this competition, we were unaware of the workload and content involved. However, our persistence to meet up after school hours, and our determination to research innovative ideas, ensured a successful outcome.




During this journey we learnt valuable lessons including time management, teamwork skills and the product development process. We have thoroughly enjoyed cooking, brainstorming and working with a real company. This project has helped us realise that making mistakes is actually beneficial and without making them we would not have developed the product we have.

The complexity of food technology and the science behind simple actions, such as freezing, is intriguing. Presenting our project at Massey University in front of a panel of professionals, against a number of tough candidates, was a challenge in itself. Therefore, we were very pleased to be announced Joint Winners, with Wellington College, of the Lower North Island CREST competition.

Tajpreet Padda, Year 12