Woodford house


Creative Menus and Brilliant Boarding

Lunches… soup and buns… packed salad… sandwiches… mini pizza… selection of seasonal fresh fruit. These are some of the most popular lunch options suggested by students for trialling ‘café style’ in the dining room during the last week of term.

Café Style Dining

As a part of our regular meeting forums, students were invited to give feedback on the positive and negative aspects of the food at school, along with ideas for further improvement. This has led to the provision of additional ‘sticky’ on a Tuesday and Thursday after school, which has been well received. Students also identified lunch as being the meal they see as an area which could benefit from further improvement.

Students were then asked to put forward their ideas of what a great café style menu would look like.  Rebecca Simpson has collated this information with the assistance of student leaders and using this feedback has created a ‘café menu’ for the last week of term. Rather than the current system of two choices and a salad bar, students will have a wider choice of prepacked food items from which they will select two options.

At the end of the week’s trial, girls will be invited to share their thoughts as part of the process of review which will feed into our future planning.

Boarding News

WOODFORD-7478-copyWe are hugely appreciative of the wonderful ideas and suggestions that have been made regarding proposed changes to boarding for Term 3.

We have been sifting through the feedback and suggestions from girls, parents and boarding staff in order to come up with the best model to trial next term. At this stage we propose the following:

  • Year 7/8 weekly boarders in Morea boarding house with a small group of Year 12 and 10 weekly boarders
  • Years 7-10 full boarders downstairs in Nelson boarding house
  • Year 12 full boarders, all Year 11 boarders and a group of Year 10 weekly boarders in Richards boarding house
  • Year 9 weekly boarders, and a group of Year 12 and Year 10 weekly boarders in Woodford boarding house.

The Year 10s have been grouped and will be spread across four boarding houses; they were given the opportunity to suggest how they would like to be grouped and worked collaboratively to achieve this.

Boarding staff have met with all boarders this week to share where we are at and finalise arrangements for the trial starting next term. Once the trial is underway, we will be providing opportunity for feedback from everyone.

Once again, we appreciate your support as we navigate our way through these changes.

Mrs Catherine Bentley, DP – Director of Students