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Course Selection for 2016

Over the next two weeks all Year 9 – 12 students will be interviewed by senior staff to assist them in making course choices for 2016. We ask for your assistance in supporting your daughter to choose an academic course that is engaging, enjoyable and will allow her to continue to have choices in terms of her future. Plans should be flexible to take advantage of developing strengths and unforeseen opportunities.

Mrs Catherine Bentley (DP – Director of Students), Ms Toni Dunstan (Acting AP – Director of Staff), Mrs Pam Knight (Careers Advisor) or I will be interviewing girls about their career plans and corresponding course selection. It is always an interesting process and we will be encouraging girls to:

  • Go onto the Careersnz website
  • Speak to adults in professions to see what they do in their jobs
  • Search providers to see what subjects are required for their career path
  • Follow a path they are passionate about!

This is the beginning of a long process that determines what courses are offered for 2016. Please help us in this process by ensuring all course selection choices are completed on the KAMAR Parent Portal by Wednesday 2 SeptemberOnce the girls ‘ideal’ selections are known they are entered into our Student Management System (KAMAR) and the six lines of ‘best fit’ senior courses are created. If any student’s selections do not fit or if numbers indicate a course may be unlikely to run, students will be notified individually and re-interviewed to find possible solutions. Should you have any queries around the course selection process please make contact with me.

Benchmark Examinations and Senior Reports

Benchmarks hold a strong importance to gauge next steps for our learners, and are used for ‘Emergency Grades’. These can be used as derived grades (needed for unforeseen illness, injury or bereavement in the end of year examination period) or in the event of a natural disaster that limits our ability to provide a testing centre (ie: earthquake). All Year 11, 12 and 13 students will have Benchmark examinations or workshops from 9-15 September.

For these Benchmarks to be as authentic as possible they need to be as late as practicable, while still allowing time to feedback results and to identify next steps. The format of senior reports therefore are succinct, with the primary intent being to provide the most up-to-date picture of completed internal assessment and benchmark external assessment. Only brief generic comments will be shared by teachers, with parents strongly encouraged to attend (with their daughters) formal Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews on Sunday, 11 October to discuss in-depth learning strategies leading up to the external assessments. The timing of these reports will allow you time to discuss the content with your daughter over the holiday period, make PTSI appointments and then have a plan for the remaining weeks of the school year and into the assessment period (beginning Thursday, 5 November).

Reports will be available on the KAMAR Parent Portal from Wednesday, 23 September. Bookings for PTSI will open as soon as the reports are available and we strongly advise parents and girls to use the PTSIs to have open to learning discussions with teachers around next learning steps.

Mrs Dionne Thomas, Director of Learning