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Confirmation Service one of the most memorable

The Confirmation of Eliza, Prue, Olivia, Anna and Katarina was a privilege to witness.

Confirmation photo 2


I was amazed to see how these girls had such a strong passion to get to know God and understand what faith is. Each witness talk was unique and it was an honour to know how my peers felt about something I cared so deeply about, and I’m happy we can share this common interest. This service was one of my most memorable.

Bishop Andrew confirmed the girls into the Anglican faith. He had invited three guests from Papua New Guinea, who were in awe of the witness talks. It was a delight to see our confirmands’ family and friends give their support and love on this important day.

I was definitely amazed with the effort Reverend Joy made to make it a special and unforgettable experience. The beautiful gifts given by Reverend Joy and the School were pretty silver cross necklaces, and Bishop Andrew presented the girls with a river stone from the Ngarurohe River, with the Waiapu Pilgrimage Crest and their names stamped on the stone. The confirmands did an amazing job with the support of their companions who have journeyed with their friends in the preparation sessions prior to Confirmation.

I was truly honoured to support them on this significant part of their Christian journey.

Krizzia Del Rosario, Chapel Prefect