Woodford house


Confirmation Service 2017

‘Confirmation is alive and kicking in our Anglican Schools’ observes James Stephenson, Chaplain of St Paul’s Hamilton, in the latest edition of the Anglican Schools’ Office Newsletter. It is certainly the case here at Woodford House where, each year, a number of our girls take the opportunity to affirm the promises made by their godparents, on their behalf, at their baptism.

On Sunday 15 October we welcomed Bishop Andrew to our Chapel of St Francis to baptise one girl and confirm seven. One of the most powerful moments of the service was when each student shared her own personal story of what being a Christian meant to her and how she had been supported by her faith in both good and difficult times.

In his address, Bishop Andrew encouraged the girls to follow so closely in the footsteps of Jesus that they would be, in the words of an ancient Jewish proverb, covered in the dust of the rabbi.

As is the tradition of our Diocese, each confirmation candidate received a stone from the bed of the Waiapu river engraved with their name upon it. Our Diocese is named after this river, which was a rich source of life in this region, and it was in this valley that the Gospel was first introduced. The stone reminds us also that we build our lives upon the solid rock of faith in Christ.

Our warmest congratulations go to Briana Akuhata-Brown, Martina Barreras, Gabby Gray, Tommy Lamb, Farren McGregor-Smyth, Maggie Peacock and Zoe Rookes. May God keep you in the path which you have chosen.

Reverend Deborah Wilson, Chaplain