Woodford house



As a special character New Zealand girls’ school, servant and authentic leadership is a mind-set that helps our girls develop the necessary skills required to lead fulfilling lives. Woodford House girls are strongly encouraged to put their thoughts of service into action each year and give back to the local community in a variety of ways.

The Woodford House family extends to the Old Girls’ Association, the Parents’ Association and all other school stakeholders. If you would like to know more about these groups and their involvement in community activities, please follow the links below.

Woodford House Boards

Woodford House is governed by the Board of Proprietors and the Board of Trustees. The Woodford House Foundation is a registered charitable trust and an independent entity which focuses on providing for the School's on-going prosperity.

Old Girls’ Association

Woodford House Old Girls' Association is committed to the third part of our Maxim: Cherish the Past. They host events and get togethers for various year groups throughout the year.

Parents’ Association

The Woodford House Parents' Association is committed to the second part of our maxim: Embrace the Present. They run fundraising events and parents social gatherings throughout the year.

Woodford House Foundation

Giving to Woodford House

Philanthropy has a fitting place at Woodford House where the Christian values of service and respect are an essential part of our school.