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Combining Fun and Friendships through Boarding

WH-Feb16-2-EvaBradley-072-webThree words that were made to go together – friendship, fun and boarding. Friendships are the most important part of being teenage girls and they want to have fun together.

You only need to talk to our students to find out why friendships are so important to them.

We often hear comments such as, “my friends are really important to me” and “I can’t imagine my life in boarding without them, they are my backbone and a massive part of every day.”

Woodford is combining friendship and fun through the ultimate boarding experience.

Boarding provides an amazing platform for girls to develop teenage friendships as it creates opportunities for everyone to have fun together. Whether it is an organised activity or a casual interaction in the boarding house, fun is an important ingredient for a positive family focused environment.


Each weekend we offer the boarders activities that have been carefully chosen to ensure they engage students and cater to their interests and passions. Student input plays a large part in our consideration when choosing these activities.

Physical activities encourage interaction across the year levels which often brings out a competitive spirit from the girls. At the beginning of Term 2, the girls played bumper ball in the gym, which was physically demanding as they tried to play soccer inside huge inflatable orbs. The girls were having so much fun their laughter was contagious and their smiles were warming.  After the game, the girls engaged with one another sharing their ‘bumper ball’ experiences.

Year 7 full boarder Caitlin Montgomery says, “doing the Bumper ball soccer was so fun.  I loved bumping into each other and kicking the ball around because I always fell over”.

In addition to laughing, girls love to talk. It is part of our DNA and an integral part of how we build our friendships.  A well known quote says, “great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things and small people talk about other people”.

When the girls participate in fun activities we provide them with ideas and things to talk about rather than people.  They can reflect, share stories, look at photos and laugh together.

Year 10 full boarder Emma-Jane Pettigrew-Heeps says, “boarding presents great opportunities for long lasting relationships whether it be through organised activities such as small bonding games with our peers or the recent talent quest, which taught us collaborative and team building skills which will stay with us forever”.

Fun activities planned for the upcoming weekends include, bug-in-a-rug movie night, club netball in the gym, home baking, good vibes concert, Wizard of Oz show, make-up tutorial, pack of card craft workshop, rugby on the big screen at Lindisfarne and St Beads in Napier.

I have absolutely loved my time boarding. It made my move into the school so much easier. It has allowed me to establish strong relationships with the other girls and immerse myself in the culture and opportunities Woodford provides. With boarding, every day is different. There is always something new and exciting happening and always fun to be had. Being able to spend all day with friends and other girls makes boarding a really fun and social environment. Boarding has given me a real sense of family and sisterhood which truly makes Woodford my home away from home.

Michaela Fleming, Year 12 weekly boarder

Mrs Ange Rathbone, Director of Boarding