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Joy Hamilton-Jones

Joy Hamilton-Jones, Chaplain

A very warm welcome to Woodford from your Chaplain. Already there have been welcome back Chapel services, a Waitangi service, Valentine’s service and a fun Shrove pancake race.

We welcome Krizzia Del Rossario as our Chapel Prefect this year. Krizzia has a keen team behind her to help with the smooth running of services.

As we move into the season of lent let us reflect on ‘Care Of Our Neighbours’. We certainly need to be mindful of care for one another in this uncertain world today. How wonderful it would be if the world could live in peace and harmony.

At our Waitangi service, we were reminded how important it is to show honour and respect for one another. I believe as New Zealanders it is important for us to be proud of our heritage and to focus on the future as one nation.

My prayer is that we can meet in the ‘bonds of love’ and work to celebrate our shared identity as ‘He iwi tahi tatou’ – many peoples becoming one nation.

The Hymn

Sing a song of Aotearoa,
nation guarded by the sea;
mountains, lakes and braided rivers,
home to peoples blest and free;
whanau, families – hoping, dreaming,
for a land of peace and love,
where Christ’s aroha is given,
under Southern Cross above.

Sing a song of Aotearoa,
peoples shaped by stormy seas;
land is groaning, tears are falling
for the hope of unity;
Maori, Pakeha together
live upon this common ground,
working, saying, looking, praying,
truth and justice may be found.

Sing a song of Aotearoa,
nation gathered by the sea;
joy and sadness in its peoples’ whakapapa,
family trees; men and women and their children,
tane, hine, tamariki, riches found in many cultures,
wealth seen in diversity.

Sing a song of Aotearoa,
peoples coming over sea;
struggling with the past and present
with the debts of history;
mana, power, sought and given,
sometimes used for good or ill,
hopes for reconciliation,
that God’s love and truth fulfill.

© Allan Davidson

Many blessings, Reverend Joy Hamilton-Jones, Chaplain

Krizzia Del RosarioMy name is Krizzia and I am pleased to be the Chapel Prefect this year. We have had a busy start to the term with plenty of services and it has been a great experience so far with Reverend Joy and my lovely Chapel team.

This Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by holding pancake races, which was a good start to chapel activities. The House Prefects, Eliza Mill (Wallingford), Lauren Wallace (Rouncil) Sinead Nolan (Tauroa) and Lucy McHugh (Frimley) came to organise the girls into teams. Many girls showed up and overall it was a great way to bring the Chapel team and the Houses together. I am pleased with what has been done so far and I look forward to what the rest of the year has to offer.

Krizzia Del Rosario, Chapel Prefect


Pancake races (1)

Pancake races (21)


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