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Changes to Senior Study Privileges

Jane PerryThe year 13s got off to a cracking start this year! They have been willing and energetic leaders at all school and house events, which ties in well with their desire to leave a legacy of an involved and supportive year group.

They now also understand the change in work load as Year 13s. You will have seen them working hard to complete their internals and no doubt be helping them balance their time between school, part-time work and their social lives. It is a busy year! At school we are trying to set up systems to help the girls manage their commitments. One of these is a change to study privileges in order to promote better study habits. The boarders are now able to study in their rooms or in the Common Room or Library according to the study environment they prefer. We ask that they sign in at the office to let us know where they will be in case of emergencies.

From this term onwards, the day girls have the privilege of working at home. If they have a study Period 1 they may come to school in time for Period 2. A study in Period 5 means they can go home at the end of Period 4. They need to sign in or out at the Administration Office and of course they should not be late to Period 2. Boarders should not be leaving the grounds (unless they are exercising), nor should anyone be having a coffee or shopping in town during study! The purpose is to provide an ideal study environment rather than adding another distraction! I am sure the girls will take responsibility for themselves and will follow the guidelines as they are outlined in the School Handbook and the school diary page R.

We appreciate that it makes sense that boarders come to school for Period 2 if their study falls Period 1 on a Monday or return home early if the study is on Period 5 on a Friday. However, this is under negotiation and should be treated as leave with the Dean and the Boarding staff being notified via email or Woodbook.

The girls are serious about wanting to do well and we hope that this will benefit them. Thank you for supporting your girls and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Ms Jane Perry, Year 13 Dean