Woodford house


Chamber Music 2019

During Terms 1 and 2, five chamber music groups comprised of talented Woodford House students were hard at work learning, practising and perfecting their stunning pieces of music to present at the annual New Zealand Chamber Music Contest (NZCT). As Head of Chamber Music 2019, I have been thrilled with the level of commitment, determination and perseverance of all the girls involved, especially during a very busy Term 2 in the Faculty of Performing Arts.

Each Chamber Music group is comprised of three or four musicians who learn two or three movements of a classical piece to play together. We had a wide variety of instruments this year including flute, cello, guitar, piano and violin, which made for unique and interesting instrument combinations for girls to explore and learn about.

Each group gathered together once a week with our wonderful Chamber Music extraordinaire and mentor, Mrs Sarah Delany, who helped the groups learn and understand the pieces and then rehearse them to an excellent standard in time for the competition.

On Thursday 6 June, all five groups performed fabulously at the Napier Municipal Theatre and it was so exciting to see all the hours of hard work paying off. We were also able to stay for both sessions on Thursday in order to watch and appreciate the groups performing from other schools. All groups also received very useful constructive feedback after their session from the two talented adjudicators Yoshiko Tsuruta and Richard Mapp, which was invaluable to all aspiring musicians.

On Friday there was another two rounds of groups competing, which we did not attend, however, we were excited to hear that one of our Woodford House groups was selected to play in the final on Friday night. The group chosen was the ‘Mima Trio’ comprised of Man Lok Tsang and Miharu Nagata on the Flute and Amelia Dear on Cello and they performed a stunning rendition of London Trio by Joseph Hayden.

The Mima Trio went back to the Napier Municipal Theatre on Friday night and received the well-deserved KBB Award for a group with woodwind, brass or string instruments. A huge congratulations to these three girls for the incredible hard work that went into this performance. They represented our school excellently and showed everyone what incredible talent we have here at Woodford House.

Everyone involved in the competition did an amazing job and I am immensely proud. Thank you very much to Mrs Delany for the enormous amount of work she has put into this event, both with the groups and behind the scenes. We most definitely could not have done it without you! I know that with the results we received this year, Woodford House Chamber Music will continue to flourish for many years to come.

Ellie Knowles, Year 12