Woodford house


Challenging Body and Mind

As the Year 11 girls boarded the bus for camp on the morning of Monday 28 January and excitedly caught up with our friends after being apart for many weeks, you could almost feel the mixture of excitement and curiosity lingering in the air. We were intrigued as to what exactly we would do on the activities that lay ahead of us for the two day, one night camp.

Upon arrival at Lake Tūtira, we were greeted by our instructors and then further welcomed with a pōwhiri, accompanied by an introduction to our day to day plans. Following that we were told stories of the land and its people, and then we were led to set up our campsites.

We were split into groups for the activities that followed, including caving in a humongous, wet cave, canoeing at Lake Opouahi, and gorging in a local river stream in Tūtira. We ended up doing two of the three activities the first day, and the last one on the second day.

In the evening we participated in detective solving activities, engaging our brains instead of our bodies after a full day of physical activities. Tiredness soon kicked in, and we were falling asleep in our tents under a blanket of stars.

The following morning we packed up and set off for our final activity. Gorging in the river stream, whilst tackling some rocky objects was the activity for part of the group; for others, it was canoeing and caving. These activities proved to be a great way to end our 2019 camp, but just as we thought we were done we were told we were in for another sneaky surprise. We would all be able to meet a Kiwi!

It was a camp of many firsts for some, and for others who had tried the activities before, it was a whole new experience in a different environment with different people. For everyone, the camp created many new memories that will last a lifetime.

Noreen Mnyanyi, Year 11