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Celebrating Grandparents’ Wisdom and Experience

Grandparents are a gift. In them we see the gifts of the joy of life and of family.

There’s something special about grandparents. They can enjoy their children’s children and hand them back having possibly spoiled them! Grandparents are allowed to do that!

There is wisdom and experience that flows from grandparents, wisdom and experience gained after having been parents themselves.  We need to give thanks for their wisdom and experience.

Jesus had grandparents. Their names were Joachim and Anne. Through church history we learn some of the wisdom these grandparents had. In many ways they paved the way for Jesus to come. Their simplicity of faith, their hopes and dreams and their love for one another and their faithfulness to God, shaped and fashioned their own child Mary, and in doing so, shaped and prepared the future for Jesus.


We are shaped and fashioned by the lives of those who have helped shape our parents lives.

Think about that for a moment. What a responsibility we have for one another.

To be the best of the best for one another, and to show unconditional love is an awesome responsibility. I guess by giving of our best to others, which is what Jesus time and time again encouraged people to do, makes us the sort of people we are. It made Mary the woman of faith she was and in turn it shaped and fashioned the home that Jesus grew up in.

Let us remember our grandparents and give thanks for them. We give thanks for their gentle influence and love in our lives.

My blessings to you all but especially to our Grandparents,

Reverend Joy Hamilton-Jones, Chaplain