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Building Healthy Communities

Building Healthy Communities

Community | June 28, 2016

Making healthier food choices is the focus of many communities in this changing world we live in. The challenge for Year 13 home economics students this term was to try and make a difference in... Read more

Success in Design, Make and Model Competition

Technology | November 18, 2015

Four senior materials technology students entered the Design, Make and Model competition in October, which was judged at the A and P Showgrounds. This year, our entries were about quality... Read more

Designing garments for a specific purpose

Technology | October 22, 2015

At Level 2, students must design, produce and implement a garment or outfit for a specific purpose. This year, students wore their designs in a variety of contexts, including the races, diving,... Read more

Student wins Brother Designstars Craft section

Technology | October 22, 2015

Last term, Year 10 Materials Technology students entered the annual Brother Designstars Craft competition, which gives young, budding fashion designers and creative artists a chance to showcase... Read more

Fashion on a Budget

Technology | August 24, 2015

Tote bags on a shoestring budget have been designed and constructed by Year 9 Technology students over the last two terms. Fabric scraps and donated curtain samples were reworked by the girls into... Read more

Woodford’s Code Club is Underway

Technology | July 30, 2015

As Steve Jobs, Apple’s cofounder once said “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.” Coding can be described as a... Read more

Communication Tools for Parents

Learning | June 17, 2015

At Woodford we have a suite of communication tools including Schoology/Woodbook, Kamar Parent Portal and the Woodford House App. These tools are designed to provide information for parents... Read more

PORTAL Day – 29 May 2015

Learning | May 21, 2015

Do you really know what teaching and learning looks like for your daughters at Woodford? Are you aware of how the use of BYOD has changed teaching and learning in everyday activities? Schools have... Read more

Technology Update Term 1 2015

Technology | April 30, 2015

Hopefully by now you have downloaded the Woodford House app. If you have not had a chance and are reading this on a mobile device click on the icon below to download for free from the Apple or... Read more

Technology Allows More Personalised Learning

Learning | April 29, 2015

2015 has been busy for mathematics students across all levels. Determination to learn lifelong skills helps our students to focus on everyday activities and achieve results to the best of their... Read more