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Careers Update

It was a busier than usual campus on Friday, 7 August. The annual Year 12 Careers seminars hosted 22 people over the day which was divided into six blocks of mainly small group presentations. There were up to six 45 minute sessions per block with students having previously chosen their sessions so the day ran smoothly.

Andrew Norris spoke to the whole group about the ‘Internet of Things’ and urged students to prepare themselves for being on, or in front of, the ‘wave’. By acknowledging the speed at which change is taking place and preparing them by upskilling their IT knowledge, they should minimise the risk of falling behind the technology wave when it comes to their work and personal life.


Amy Lynch, Designer


Hugh Crichton, Wine Maker


Nicola Harrison, Professional Engineer


Sam Oosterkamp, Multimedia Designer


Caroline Hickman, Lawyer

Students heard presentations from the following professions: architecture, visual art and design, property, advertising, multi-media broadcasting, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychiatry, professional engineering, hospitality and tourism, nursing, law and wine making.  Kerre Devonport-Ward (Massey University liaison) ran sessions on preparing for university and the structure of degrees, choosing papers and tertiary study. Russell Booth (careers advisor) from Careerchange took small groups of students through some exercises around making sound career choices and the importance of really knowing themselves, what motivates them and where they see themselves in the future.

Feedback gathered at the end of the day from students was very positive:

‘I loved the day and found it really helpful.’

‘Great day!’

‘I learnt lots, too much to say.’

‘Fab day!’

‘Timing and planning were good.’

‘It was very helpful hearing about the experiences of each speaker and it helped me a lot.’

Mrs Pam Knight, Careers Advisor