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Careers in Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism industry is now the number one earner in New Zealand. Earlier this month Megan Soper from the Queenstown Resort College spoke at assembly about opportunities within the tourism and hospitality industry. 23 students then attended a presentation  at lunchtime about specific courses at the College (QRC).

Megan is a graduate of QRC and she shared her experiences since graduating, including managing Gibbston Vallery Winery in Queenstown. She now has the position of Recruiting Co-ordinator at QRC.


Megan told stories of people who moved seamlessly from one department to another within the industry, such as her manager at a top European hotel restaurant who started as maintenance manager. He later changed his focus to food and beverage and now owns his own boutique hotel in France.

She also talked about working with difficult people and how to be resilient and make the best of a situation. Most of her experiences had been happy and rewarding.

She said the range of jobs within the industry is wide and varied and tourism is now the number one earner in New Zealand, with the primary industries taking second place.

Megan said students spend 6-9 months during the course in paid internships and students have been known to earn up to $25,000 which they can use to pay fees. Internships are organised by QRC and are in New Zealand or overseas depending on the student’s choice.

QRC have partner universities, such as Otago, and students can complete a higher qualification (up to two years of further study) in addition to the QRC qualification.

For more information on Queenstown Resort College or Gibbston Vallery Winery please visit the following websites:


Mrs Pam Knight, Careers Advisor