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Cambodia and Thailand, here we come

It’s going to be hot, it’s going to be humid, mosquitoes will be hunting us, and deep fried insects will probably be on the menu.

On 30 June, 18 students, two staff, and one World Challenge tour leader embarked on an epic three-week journey to Cambodia and Thailand. The tour group includes senior students – Bridget de Lautour, Molly Goodisson, Ava Bake, Emily Crosse, Olivia Lee, Grace May, Ella McCabe, Pieta Parvin, Arshdeep Shetra, Anna Meban, Rylie Bensemann, Bridgette Haldane, Lucy Sinton, Lucy Roberts, Chanel McKeefry, Jessica MacFarquhar, Jessica Hansen, and Elise Maiorana. Staff accompanying them are Mr Semmens and Miss Chalmers.

We are travelling to learn. There is far more to life than the four walls of a classroom and World Challenge is a way to see parts of the world that we all may never experience again. There will be steamy jungles, forests thronged with monkeys, rice paddys, and waterways filled with leeches.

A big part of the trip is a week spent working in a local community. We will be working in Kep Gardens, a school that has been set up to enable rural youth to learn language and reading skills so that they can improve their future earning potential. Students range from five years old and up, so I am sure we will all enjoy the interaction immensely.

There is also an arduous trek component to the trip that requires us all to hike deep into the frog-infested Thai jungle. We will be sleeping out in hammocks, and it will be an amazing experience.

It’s going to be a great trip – hopefully life-changing.

Mr Greg Semmens, English Teacher