Woodford house


Building Healthy Communities

Making healthier food choices is the focus of many communities in this changing world we live in. The challenge for Year 13 home economics students this term was to try and make a difference in our local community by planning and implementing a healthy eating action plan at a local primary school.

Firstly, we visited Porritt Primary School in Tamatea with the focus being on the children’s lunch boxes and improving their knowledge of nutrition. They engaged in a fun-filled range of nutrition activities, which included sharing the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables but also the negatives of salt, sugar and fat. The students were shocked when they were shown an image of a 2.25L Coca Cola bottle and told that it contained 60 teaspoons of sugar.

They were then encouraged to fill their own lunch boxes with some healthy foods prepared for them by our Level 3 class. These included muesli bars, carrot muffins, pita pockets, hummus and carrot sticks. The pleasure on the faces of those who had little to show from home was the biggest reward and left quite an impression on all of us.

The following week the same students came to Woodford for a practical lesson. Being the first visit to Havelock North for some of the students they were in awe of their surroundings with one student saying, ‘This must be England – they’ve even got a church!’


Ella Tweedie imparting some nutritional advice


Georgia Mischefski-Gray teaching knife skills


Happy chefs in action


Jessica Norris and Gabby Williams playing Kahoot

After some original games of Musical Fast Food Cushions and Raid the Pantry it was all hands-on for the Masterchef Challenge. Who could make the healthiest, tastiest hamburger for lunch? The boys took out the main prizes but all students had a great time and left with tummies full and armed with a recipe book compiled by us so they can continue eating healthy at home.

Now it is time for reflection and evaluation and a written report to be completed in the next few weeks for assessment. We will reflect on the effectiveness of a one-off experience like this. As one child said as she was leaving, ‘This is the best day ever!’

Georgia Mischefski-Gray, Year 13