Woodford house



Experience Boarding

Being a boarder is so much more than living at school. It is about being part of an extended family and feeling comfortable, nurtured and safe in a home away from home.

Girls who are deeply cared for, included and respected as an individual will feel a strong sense of belonging. This then leads to self-belief and becoming the best they can be.


Why Boarding?

Boarding gives girls confidence and independence. It helps with self-sufficiency and self-motivation. Our boarders often show maturity and empathy beyond their years.

By boarding at Woodford House, girls form life-long friendships that give them support and ‘sisterhood’ through school, and beyond.

The wide range of experiences our boarders have help ensure they are well-rounded contributors to society.

Living at School

Learning and living are woven together to provide a seamless educational experience encompassing modern user-friendly buildings, nutritious and tasty meals, and family-value-based care.

We know we’ve got it right when we see our girls happy, busy and fit for life. Our girls’ school days are enriched by a whole raft of co-curricular, after-school and weekend experiences.

During weekends, girls can take part in a range of sport and recreation activities in our state-of-the-art facilities. The girls also enjoy community events such as shows, movies, nature tours and shopping in town.


Our boarding staff have many years’ experience working with adolescent girls. They are kind, nurturing, understanding, and respectful of the girls in their care.

At Woodford House, we understand how important it is to have the right kind of carers for our girls to ensure their school is also their ‘home away from home’.

Year 13 Apartments

In Year 13, our girls can move into one of our three apartments. These are located at school, but allow senior girls to experience independent living, including self-catering, laundry facilities, and greater responsibility and privileges.

Prep Programme

To support in-class learning we offer an innovative and extensive prep programme.

This is specifically designed to support different learning styles and 21st Century learners, including opportunities for tutoring by qualified teachers, integrated technology and collaborative learning.