Woodford house


Boarding Mufti

Last term I travelled to Masterton for a boarding prefect conference. All the other boarding prefects were wearing boarding mufti which had designs incorporating the word ‘boarder’ with their school logo. I decided to bring this idea to our boarding council as I believe that Woodford should have a boarder’s mufti item too.

As this is the first boarder’s mufti item to be designed for us, we get to start from scratch, from the design to the colour. The shape of the item was a big deal and eventually we narrowed it down to a long sleeved t-shirt or a rugby jersey. However, as we wanted this item to be something everyone can own, we decided that the rugby jersey was too expensive and the long sleeved t-shirt came out as the winner.

With a lot of student collaboration we all voted on a logo designed by Ruby Poulton. The design has the year on it, as we envisage a new mufti item will be designed each year. This means that by the end of Year 13, girls who have boarded for the entire seven years could have seven different items of boarder’s mufti. We wanted to include the year Woodford was established because it’s so cool that we have been a boarding school for such a long time and we are very proud of this.

The girls have been so good with plenty of input from every year level. The boarding council girls have also been amazing with their ideas, support and help. The design process we have gone through has been a good learning opportunity for everyone involved.

Kendall Grace, a Year 13 full boarder says, ‘I think it will be good for the leavers and all boarders as it will be something for us to remember our boarding experience and a reminder of the great times we have had. Especially all the friends, memories and laughs‘.

Georgia Mischefski-Gray, Boarding Prefect