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Attitude Presentations

ih_august2016_attitude1Elizabeth Harrex from Attitude NZ visited Woodford House at the end of Term 2. Liz spent the day engaging our girls in interesting, funny and thought-provoking health presentations. Her presentations covered the topics of Choices and Resiliency, Wellbeing, Drugs and Alcohol and the Friendship Factor. Three senior students provide an insight into their thoughts about the presentations.

For the past several years, Attitude NZ has provided Woodford House students with entertaining talks that highlight different issues we may face and how to look at life with a positive attitude.

Liz Harrex, an Attitude presenter, made some very interesting points that resonated with the senior students. The topic of the talk was Resiliency and Choices, and how the choices we make have an impact on our future. Liz started with the idea that life is a movie, and regardless of the scene before, whether positive or negative, we have control over the next one. This concept is relatable to senior students as we often get overwhelmed with our busy lives and forget that we have the ability to make the next day more positive.

The next thought provoking point was the power of choices. At Woodford House many of the things we do are similar, the way we dress, the subjects we take and people we associate with, this can have an impact on our future selves. By associating with people that are encouraging and supportive of our ideals, our future will be more positive because of the grounded roots we have.

There are three things that influence who we are: our character, our genes, our environment and choices. Although our DNA is something we can’t control, the environment can be influenced by surrounding ourselves with people that create a friendly positive space. These two factors enable the choices we make to be positive and allow a ripple effect. The Attitude programme provides students with advice on how to deal with the challenging and daunting situations we face as teenagers and throughout the rest of our lives.

Poppy Ngatoa, Year 10 and Rosie Slader, Year 13

On Monday the Year 9 girls had an Attitude NZ speaker, Liz Harrex, talk to us about friends, life, taking risks, drugs and alcohol. Liz also categorised these themes into spiritual, mental, physical and social.

Liz was a humorous person, and had everyone laughing within the first 5 minutes. She had many powerful messages woven into her hilarious stories, and most of them hit home. She explained about sending text messages, and how simple things could be taken the wrong way by the receiver depending on their mood. To help us, she showed us how adding a smiley face emoji changed the whole meaning of the sentence.

She shared many of her own memories, and one I remember most was how she made a new friend, Kate, at a camp. The next day the camp groups were playing cricket, and when Liz went to hit the ball she hit Kate in the mouth! Hitting people in the face with a cricket bat is not a good way to make and keep friends. She also told us about bullying, and the effects it had on people. Liz was a great speaker, and everyone took many important life messages away from the session.

Isabel Greville, Year 9