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Artist in Residence Captivates Girls

The senior art room was silent despite ten excited girls being inside. Their heads were down, their concentration was strong, and only the faint sound of tools working delicately could be heard.

Emerging from the hands of the young artists were exquisite pieces of moulded and carved silver.

Later in the day these pieces were seen around the school as their creators’ modelled pieces of living art in the form of pendants, earrings and pins.

ih_mar2016_Beading ih_mar2016_Julia Hyslop cleaning up silver ih_mar2016_Lydia Hill & Ingrid Schloemer

The girls were taking part in the annual Artist in Residence programme with small sculpture artist Ingrid Schloemer.  Fifty-seven senior girls were selected to work with Ingrid between March 17 and 24.

Ingrid is originally from Germany and specialises in the genre of small sculpture using silver clay. Her work is sold overseas as well as by local galleries like Statements Gallery in Napier.

As well as benefiting the senior girls, the programme also offered two sessions to adults and students from other schools. A number of staff are also sporting their own artwork.

Student Head of Art, Lydia Hill, described her experience from the first day as being different to anything she has ever done.

“It was interesting to see the different procedures the artist used and it was satisfying to see the finished product,” Lydia says.

Thank you to the Woodford  House Parents’ Association who sponsored this year’s Artist in Residence programme.

To view Ingrid’s artwork please visit: arcadiastudio.co.nz.

Mrs Josephine Carpenter, Director of Performing Arts