Woodford house


A Passion to Learn and Serve Others

The School campus is buzzing with industrious and creative activity as girls research, plan and bring to life some very special projects. Girls in Years 7-10 are relishing the opportunity to explore self-directed learning and to give back to the local community as part of the End of Year Programme. Developed over seven years, the programme consists of three areas; Passion Projects, Christmas Boxes and House Drama.

A Passion to Learn

Passion Projects encourage students to explore their own areas of special interest across the four cornerstones. Girls work in groups, supported by staff members who also act as mentors for individual projects. At the end of the projects, the girls share their work with other students and staff at a final presentation.

Budding Writers, Meghan Grant and Hannah Roberts, Year 9, are busy crafting their work. Meghan is analysing and comparing the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series of books whilst Hannah is writing a short story entitled A Speck of Magic.


Five girls choose to specialise in Yoga, supported by Mrs Jill Foster.


Matilda Ellis, Phoebe Burns and Poppy Miller are planning to use a GoPro camera to capture underwater footage of their diving to create a video.


Year 7 students, Scarlett Miller and Jessie Watkins build a birdhouse with the support of Mr Ian Cameron.


Brooklyn Taylor works with Mrs Karen Carswell to brainstorm colours and patterns to decorate a treasure box.


Girls perfect their surfing skills in the pool in preparation for a day at Waimarama with the Hawke’s Bay Surf School.


Ella Wright, Year 9, explores portraiture using mixed media.


Determination leads to success for Molly Kinnear and Amelia Ross. Having been disappointed with their attempts to make Taffy during a Food Technology class earlier in the term, the girls decided to give it another go.


Year 9 student, Noreen Mnyanyi, creates jewellery with handmade beads.

Service to Others

The end of the School year brings a time for reflection and to think of others, especially those in need. This year, girls are creating Christmas Boxes for four organisations; Hastings Hospital, Heretaunga Women’s CentreThe Mission to Seafarers and Waiapu House. Girls take time to carefully plan their boxes including contents and decoration. The boxes will be blessed at the End of Year Chapel Service on Monday 4 December.

Vayva Ridley, Year 9, supports The Mission to Seafarers.


Year 9 student, Lily Nilsson prepares her Christmas Box for Heretaunga Women’s Centre.


Rosa Lowry, Year 8, collects items for Hastings Hospital.


Tessa Bennett, Year 7, is happy to support Waiapu House.

A Leading Role

All students in Years 7-10 take part in House Drama leading up to the final performances on Friday 1 December. The plays to be performed are by Roald Dahl and rehearsals take place daily, led by Year 10 students. This is a unique opportunity for girls in Year 10 to develop leadership and team building skills. They also lead all aspects of the productions from script writing and casting to set-design, lighting and make-up.

Wallingford House members, Rachel McDougall, Georgie Hawley and Harriet Grant comb over their scripts to plan for stage lighting at the final performance of The Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl.


Frimley co-directors, Maia Troup and Larah Morrison, work on make-up ideas for their production of The Witches.


Amelia Bone and Molly McNamara are busy co-directing their Tauroa play, James and the Giant Peach.


Rouncil House students, Pippa Klingender and Lilly Du Toit are hard at work on the set design for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.