Woodford house


A Mind, Body and Soul Approach

ih-march2017-dionne thomas“Minds are like parachutes – they only function when open.” Thomas Dewar

Hodge Inspired Time for Integrated Thinking (HitiT) was introduced in 2008 to deliver extra learning opportunities alongside the existing academic programme. HitiT has developed and blossomed to run in a number of different ways and is a fantastic way to mirror Mabel Annie Hodge’s Mind, Body and Soul philosophy – opening the mind to new and inspiring information. HitiT also allows us to offer House events during school time without continual disruptions to teaching and learning. Each Year Level has a specific foci during HitiT as outlined below.

Year 7/8

The focus in Year 7/8 is around building a platform of knowledge. The programme focuses on the basic building blocks of so much – literacy. This can include library and research skills and the girls will be exposed to the knowledge of our librarian, Mrs Karen Carswell, as well as other research tools, such as the internet. For example, the girls have, in the past, modelled note-taking using an enlarged photocopy of an encyclopaedia reference and used the most fitting Google topic, Mabel Annie Hodge, to bring up suitable pages, which were then discussed in their own words. Students also learn to experience the library as a special place to manage themselves and their impulsivity.

Year 9

Year 9 is all about exposure to innovation and technology. Ms Diane Morris takes the girls on a journey of discovery using Photoshop. The girls work towards creating an end product, such as designing the school ID card. Coding, 3D printing and robotics also make up the Year 9 programme.

Year 10

The Year 10 cohort has a two-pronged focus – Careers and Religious Education. Students spend four or five sessions at each topic before moving onto the next.

  • Group 1: Careers Education with Mrs Pam Knight – investigating career options, pathways and what may it look like in the future.
  • Group 2: Quest Religious Instruction with the Chaplain.

Year 11

Girls are involved in the Health programme, Sexuality Issues. This includes discussion around the concept of Hauora and sexuality – ‘How you view (characterise) yourself as male or female?’ They then progress to ‘What are some of the places / groups that influence our lives, such as law, money (economics), school, media, religion, peers, family and culture. The next focus is ‘Why do people have sex?’ including the biological, emotional and relationship aspects and ‘What could happen if I decide to have sex now?’

They are working towards Achievement Standard: Health 90065 1.5, Sexuality Issues, which is worth 4 Level 1 Credits.

Year 12

The focus for this group is ‘It’s all about me’. Carrying on from the Hauora concept in Year 11 we revisit the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ‘me’. This year, Term 1 has been about financial literacy, basic life lessons and Soul Chat. The financial literacy will see them in good stead as they journey into life having to look after their own finances, while School Custodian, Mr Greg Bott, has enjoyed delivering the Life Lessons including changing a tyre and checking the oil and water in their car. In Term 2, they will continue their focus on ‘me’ – from the inside and outside – looking at beauty, study skills and self-defence.

Year 13

Preparation for life beyond Woodford House is the focus for Year 13. Supporting the girls’ transition to life in 2018 and beyond includes an introduction to University structure and halls of residence selection, health issues, ethics and finances. The girls will also have outside presenters from the electoral office regarding enrolment for the elections and from “Studylink” regarding the support available to them. Even if girls are not anticipating attending a tertiary institution until 2019, due to a GAP year in 2018, they are encouraged to follow all of the processes now.

HitiT is forever evolving and we look forward to using the staff and girls’ feedback to modify and improve the programme.

Mrs Dionne Thomas, Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning