Woodford house


A Journey of Faith

When someone is baptised, that person is brought to Jesus Christ and made a member of Christ’s Church. It is a new start to life in which the baptised person is accepted and sealed by God with the Holy Spirit to represent Christ to the world.

Becoming baptised was a very important decision for Year 8 student, Emma Dixon. Emma asked for this special sacrament and, all the way through her preparation sessions, she was very definite about professing her faith publicly.

Baptism is a decision to walk with Jesus. But it’s more than that, it is a personal commitment in declaring their walk as a pilgrim to follow and live the values that Jesus first taught his followers (disciples).

Baptism is a highly significant event in Emma’s faith journey, and she knew it was a big and brave thing to stand up amongst her peers to profess her faith publicly.



Holy water is poured on a person’s head during baptism to signify cleansing and rebirth in Christ. Even after baptism, God continues to grace us and support us and work through us in our lives.

Caitlin Snell, our Chapel prefect, presented Emma with a candle.

“Walk in the faith of Christ crucified and risen. Shine with the light of Christ.” Caitlin said.

During Emma’s preparation, she had two friends journey with her. They became known as her companions. Both companions presented Emma for baptism and also read prayers.

Reverend Ann Dinniss from St Luke’s Church baptised Emma. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this special occasion due to family illness.

We welcome Emma as a member of Christ’s Church. Amen.

Reverend Joy Hamilton-Jones, Chaplain