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2020 Year 10 Social Studies Wellington Trip

On Monday 21 September, the trip that we had all been anticipating for many months was finally underway. Still half-asleep, we loaded our bags onto our golden Nimon bus and embarked on the 5-hour journey to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.

Much to the delight of the sci-fi lovers in the group, our first stop was Weta Workshops, famous for their concept design and special effects production for the film industry. After a tour around the studio, our next destination was the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, which translates to ‘container of treasures’. There, we were free to explore the museum and learn about the many collections on display, such as the popular Gallipoli exhibition.

Much to our surprise and relief, the next morning didn’t begin with the usual 6am wake-up that many of us were accustomed to from previous camping trips. After breakfast, we were once again ready to explore the city of Wellington.

Our first activity was a tour of Parliament at the Beehive, where we were able to learn about the New Zealand government and how it worked. We were told about the MMP system, the various rooms in the building, some history behind the Beehive, the electoral process and more. The tour was definitely one of the main highlights of the trip and we were very grateful to be able to learn first-hand about both the Beehive and the government. We recognise that not everyone is able to have the opportunity to do this and we all came out of the tour feeling much more informed.

Next was the activity that all of us had been waiting for: shopping. As the tour ended, we all met for a quick briefing before dispersing into our groups. Eagerly, we rushed off to the stores and restaurants, before regrouping two hours later.

Afterwards, those of us taking Business Studies were able to visit the Treasury. The rest of the year group were given the opportunity to visit the National Library of New Zealand where we learned about the Treaty of Waitangi. We were even able to see the original Treaty which was kept inside the library, which felt quite strange after learning about it for all these years.

We would all like to thank all of the teachers who put the time and effort into making this trip a possibility, especially during an uncertain year where many plans such as these have been cancelled. The Wellington trip was a unique bonding experience for the whole year group; one that we will all cherish for many years to come.

Meghan Wuisan, Year 10