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2019 Sports Awards Dinner

On Friday 18 October Woodford House celebrated another year of outstanding sporting achievements at the annual Sports Awards dinner.

The awards evening is the culmination of a year of incredible effort, commitment and dedication from all of those involved; nominees, winners, parents and staff.

After a welcome from Woodford House Director of Sport, Alex Nixon and some insights into the sporting culture at the School from Sport Prefect Teani Feleu and principle Julie Peterson, the awards got underway.

It was truly inspirational to see the level at which the students perform across such a wide variety of sporting activities and to know that future generations of sport participants at the School will have real winners to look up to. To view a gallery of all the winners, click here.

After a delicious meal, much laughter and socialising, guest speaker for the evening, former Silver Fern Captain Bernice Mene was invited to the podium. Having played 78 tests for New Zealand during a 10 year career, as well as being a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, it was a real privilege for all present to hear her speak. Bernice shared some amazing insights into growing up in a sporting family, becoming a Silver Fern at a young age and competing at the highest level. She kept the audience rapt and offered valuable advice for young people, namely to stand up tall and be proud of who you are as a person.

As the evening wrapped up the sense of pride and camaraderie was clearly evident. The value of sport as a building-block for future success in life is alive and well. Congratulations to all the girls who received awards or were nominated for their sporting success and contributions.


Fair Play Award Madeleine Thompson
Sportsmanship Award Gabby Gray
Student Coach of the Year Noreen Mnyanyi, Jemima Christie and Charlotte MacFarquhar
Student Official of the Year Rachel McDougall
Year 7 and 8 Contribution and Performance Award Evie Skidmore
Year 7 and 8 Sportsperson of the Year India Apatu
Year 9 Contribution and Performance Award Zoe Elliott and Sophie Ward
Year 9 Sportsperson of
the Year
Alex Cave
Year 10 Contribution and Performance Award Amy Kean
Year 10 Sportsperson of
the Year
Joelie Scott
Year 11 Contribution and Performance Award Mia Reeves
Year 11 Sportsperson of
the Year
Harriet Park
Year 12 Contribution and Performance Award Pippa Klingender
Year 12 Sportsperson of
the Year
Tessa Burns
Year 13 Contribution and Performance Award Olivia Eames
Year 13 Sportsperson of
the Year
Teani Feleu
The Principal’s Award for Woodford House Team of
the Year
1st XI Football
The Principal’s Award for Sporting Excellence Teani Feleu
Overall Junior Sportsperson
of the Year
Alex Cave
Overall Senior Sportsperson
of the Year
Tessa Burns
HBSS Sports Awards Finalists Zoe Elliott, Alex Cave, Sophie Ward, Olivia Apatu and Tessa Burns
New Zealand and International Reps Teani Feleu, Gabby Gray, Manaia Parata and Tessa Burns



MVP Rachel McDougall


Year 7/8 Champion Libby Lowry
Year 9 Junior Champion Zoe Coyle
Year 10 Champion Charlotte Treadwell
Year 11 Champion Harriet Park
Intermediate Champion Harriet Park
Senior Champion Teani Feleu


Contribution to Cricket Charlotte Wakefield
Most Improved Player Emma de Lautour
Most Promising Player Charlotte Wakefield


Year 7/8 Champion Scarlett Nilsson
Intermediate Champion Amelia Dear
Best Overall Diver Scarlett Nilsson


Best Performance Georgia Niblett


Softball Cup for Contribution to Softball Gabby Gray
Most Promising Player Gabby Gray


Year 7/8 Champion Evie Skidmore
Junior Champion Kyla Evans
Year 10 Champion Martine Sandberg
Year 11 Champion Harriet Park
Intermediate Champion Harriet Park
Senior Champion Ruby Chadd


Singles Year 7/8 Champion Maddy Lowry
Singles Junior Champion Alex Cave
Singles Intermediate Champion Samantha Cave
Doubles Year 7/8 Champions India Apatu and Belle Kinnear
Doubles Junior Champions Alex Cave and Sophie Ward
Doubles Intermediate Champions Samantha Cave and Sophia Lawson
Most Improved Junior Player Alex Cave
Most Improved Senior Player Jessica de Lautour


Most Promising Player Teani Feleu


Most Improved Player Emily Pullar
Most Promising Player Teani Feleu



Most Improved Player Charlotte MacFarquhar
Most Promising Player Gladys Lao
Year 7/8 Champion Jua Kim
Junior Champion Amanat Kumar
Senior Champion Vaishnavi Malaviya


Most Improved Player Charlotte MacFarquhar
Most Promising Player Lydia Price


Year 7/8 Champion Evie Skidmore
Junior Cross Country Champion Zoe Elliott
Senior Cross Country Champion Tessa Burns


Contribution to Equestrian Zara Waldin and Emma Ritchie
Most Improved Rider Clementine Coates
Outstanding Performer Phoebe Burns
High Performance Trophy for Equestrian Olivia Apatu


Contribution to Football Tessa Burns
Most Improved Player Jessica MacFarquhar
Most Promising Player Tessa Burns
Golden Boot Tessa Burns


Most Improved Player Madeleine Thompson and
Annabel Paterson
Most Promising Player Sasha Norris
Contribution to Hockey Amy Kean
2nd XI Coaches Cup Bella Ireland


Most Promising Player Chanel McKeefry
Contribution to Netball Emma Dixon and Mia Reeves
Most Improved Player Rosa Ellingham
Most Valuable Team Member Junior A Emma de Lautour


Best Performance Tessa Burns
Contribution to Orienteering Sophie Ward


Most Valuable Shooter Ella Mowbray


Fastest Year 7/8 Libby Lowry
Fastest Junior Joelie Scott
Fastest Senior Georgia Russell
Best Overall Performance Joelie Scott


Director of Sport, Alex Nixon

Sports Prefect, Teani Feleu

Guest Speaker, Bernice Mene


Celebrating with whānau and friends