Woodford house


2018 Prize Giving Results

Woodford House celebrated a wonderful year with our community at Prize Giving on Wednesday 5 December. Congratulations to all prize winners, see below for a full list of awards and photo gallery.


Year 7/8 Art Meghan Wuisan

Year 7/8 Drama Grace Haliburton

Year 7/8 English Grace Haliburton

Year 7/8 Languages Meghan Wuisan

Year 7/8 Mathematics Meghan Wuisan

Year 7/8 Music Grace Haliburton

Year 7/8 Physical Education Molly Kinnear

Year 7/8 Religious Education Sophie McLay

Year 7/8 Science Grace Haliburton

Year 7/8 Social Sciences Meghan Wuisan

Year 7/8 Technology Jzirah Ridley

7/8DU Parents’ Association Prize for Industry Johannah Paterson

7/8DA Parents’ Association Prize for Industry Jess McNamara

7/8MA Parents’ Association Prize for Industry Nina Holden

7/8MO Parents’ Association Prize for Industry Harriet Douglas

Watson Prize for All Round Improvement Eryn Nairn


Year 9 Art Imogen Lovell

Year 9 Drama Imogen Lovell

Year 9 English Liberty Jackson

Year 9 French Martine Sandberg

Year 9 Mathematics Amanat Kumar

Year 9 Music Miharu Nagata

Year 9 Physical Education Martine Sandberg

Year 9 Religious Education Ella Simmons

Year 9 Science Martine Sandberg

Year 9 Social Sciences Martine Sandberg

Year 9 Spanish Ella Simmons

Year 9 Technology Ella Simmons

Year 9 Te Reo Māori Leilani Peakman

Year 9 Parents’ Association Prize for Industry – Rouncil House Amelia Ross

Year 9 Parents’ Association Prize for Industry – Wallingford House Joelie Scott

Year 9 Parents’ Association Prize for Industry – Tauroa House India MacIntyre

Year 9 Parents’ Association Prize for Industry – Frimley House Lucy Buchanan


Year 10 Art Bella Ireland (Semester 1) and Rachel Hansen (Semester 2)

Year 10 Business Studies Charlotte MacFarquhar (Semester 1) and Emma Dixon (Semester 2)

Year 10 Drama Noreen Mnyanyi (Semester 1) and Matilda Ellis (Semester 2)

Year 10 English Amy Alexander

Year 10 Food Technology Phoebe Burns (Semester 1) and Georgia Russell (Semester 2)

Year 10 French Amy Alexander

Year 10 Materials Technology Georgia Niblett

Year 10 Mathematics Hyewon Kim

Year 10 Music Hyewon Kim

Year 10 Physical Education and Health Emma Dixon

Year 10 Product Design Phoebe Burns

Year 10 Science Amy Alexander

Year 10 Social Sciences Amy Alexander

Year 10 Spanish Charlotte MacFarquhar

Year 10 Te Reo Māori Georgia Niblett

Year 10 Parents’ Association Prize for Industry – Rouncil House Ella Mowbray

Year 10 Parents’ Association Prize for Industry – Wallingford House Noreen Mnyanyi

Year 10 Parents’ Association Prize for Industry – Tauroa House Mia Reeves

Year 10 Parents’ Association Prize for Industry – Frimley House Meghan Grant


Level 1 Accounting  Ellie Knowles

Level 1 Art Alia Wentz

Level 1 Drama Tessa Burns

Level 1 Economics Giorgia Hickey

Level 1 English Annabelle Fenn

Level 1 Food Technology Zara Waldin

Level 1 Geography Rachel McDougall

Level 1 General Science Harriet Alderson

Level 1 History Annabelle Fenn

Level 1 Materials Technology Celine Mabey

Level 1 Mathematics Giorgia Hickey

Level 1 Music Rachel Hansen

Level 1 Physical Education Olive Cornwall

Level 1 Physical Science Giorgia Hickey

Level 1 Product and Spatial Design Prae Putipanpong

Level 1 Spanish Holly Lin


Level 2 Accounting Jessica MacFarquhar

Level 2 Art Jessica MacFarquhar

Level 2 Art Design Miriam Stone

Level 2 Biology Lucy Tustin

Level 2 Chemistry Tessa Burns

Level 2 Classical Studies Lucy Tustin

Level 2 Drama Lucy Tustin

Level 2 English Lucy Tustin

Level 2 Geography Lily Newrick

Level 2 History Jessica Hansen

Level 2 Home Economics Olivia Allen

Level 2 Materials Technology Sophie Ericksen

Level 2 Mathematics Jessica MacFarquhar

Level 2 Mixed Mathematics Georgia Thompson

Level 2 Music Maia Briggs

Level 2 Photography Stella Hansen

Level 2 Physical Education Chanel McKeefry

Level 2 Physics Tessa Burns

Level 2 Product and Spatial Design Phan Viet Le Vu

Level 2 Spanish Scarlett Neilson


Level 3 Accounting Emily Crosse

Level 3 Art Design Lucy Wright

Level 3 Art Painting Madeleine Fenn

Level 3 Biology Bridgette Haldane

Level 3 Business Studies Rylie Bensemann, Maggie Peacock, Zoe Rookes and Sarah Wixon

Level 3 Chemistry Eliza Jani

Level 3 Classical Studies Madeleine Fenn

Level 3 Drama Steph Goodwin

Level 3 Economics Lucy Wright

Level 3 English Georgia Mansell

Level 3 French Sophie Svenson

Level 3 Geography Madeleine Fenn

Level 3 History Madeleine Fenn

Level 3 Home Economics Molly Goodisson

Level 3 Mathematics with Calculus Eliza Jani

Level 3 Mathematics (Statistics and Modelling) Amelia Foster

Level 3 Music Steph Goodwin

Level 3 Photography Ava Bake

Level 3 Physical Education Tessa Wallace

Level 3 Physics Emily Crosse

Level 3 Product and Spatial Design Emily Crosse

Mia Dolce Prize for Best Gateway Student Katie McNeill

PORSE Education & Training (NZ) Ltd Cup for Best STAR Student Hannah Bone


Year 7 Olive Mackenzie

Year 8 Sonja Harris

Year 9 Maggie Grimshaw

Year 10 Isobel Ham

Year 11 Maia Briggs

Year 12 Lucy Tustin

Year 13 Madeleine Fenn


Newton Williams Cup for Sports Endeavour Ava Bake

Haddington Cup for Leadership and Achievement in Sport Molly Goodisson

Junior Sports Cup Phoebe Burns

Senior Sports Cup Tessa Burns

Stevens Cup for Interhouse Sport Wallingford House


Georgetti Cup for Debating Zoe Yandell

Newson Family Cup for Speech Bridget de Lautour

Genet Cup for Improvement in Speech and Drama Scarlett Neilson

Board of Proprietors’ Art Prize Jessica MacFarquhar

Sarfati Cup for Best Junior Actress Mamie Williams

Hartgill Cup for Drama Steph Goodwin

Junior Play Producers’ Cup Tauroa House: Amy Alexander and Hannah Roberts

Hoby Cup for Intermediate Music Meghan Wuisan

Elvidge Cup for Junior Music Man Lok Tsang

Kennedy Cup for Senior Music Amelia Foster

Lowry Cup for House Music Wallingford House


Hodge Reading Cup Madeleine Fenn

Vincent Barker Essay Cup Amelia Foster

Hirst Smyth Cup for Junior Art Bella Ireland

Louise Worsp Cup for Senior Art Jessica MacFarquhar

Ferguson Cup for Junior Clothing Charlotte Bate

Maxwell Cup for Excellence in Clothing Sophie Ericksen

Senior Physical Education Trophy for Distinction and Work Ethic Tessa Wallace

Shrimpton Cup for Home Economics Lucy Roberts

Sally Bellerby Cup for Design Lucy Wright

Photography Plate Ava Bake

Scannell Cup for French Emma Dixon

McHardy History Prize Georgia Mansell

Osborne Mathematics Cup for a Senior Mathematician Eliza Jani

Phillip Knight Memorial Cup for Science Eliza Jani

Frogley Family Cup for Contribution to Young Enterprise Briana Lyons

Woodford House Business Studies Cup Sophie Svenson


Service to Music Prize

Emily Park and Amelia Foster

Service to the Chapel Prize

Jessica Guy

Belinda Pittar Cup for Citizenship

Awarded to a Year 7 or 8 student who demonstrates outstanding citizenship

Grace Haliburton

Wallace Cup for Junior Leadership

Awarded to the girl who has most clearly shown leadership in the junior school

Noreen Mnyanyi

The Birdwoods Award

Awarded to a student who has been a recent immigrant or international student and has thrived and adapted well to the School and New Zealand. Donated by the Stobart family

Tracy Zeng

2011 Year 13 Leavers’ Trophy

To the Year 13 student who, in the opinion of senior students, has made the most significant contribution across all four cornerstones in 2018

Bridgette Haldane

The Foss Cup for Outstanding Contribution to the Special Character of Woodford House

Outstanding contribution to the Special Character of the School encompassing musical diversity, an emphasis on speech and drama, sporting activities and Christian principles and values

Bella Christie

Dillon Tray for Senior Leadership

Awarded to a non-prefect who has most clearly shown leadership and service to the school

Hannah Bone

The Old Girls’ Gift

Awarded to a Year 13 student  who shows strength of character, gives honest effort and upholds the School’s special character

Bridget de Lautour

The Makena Houston Award

Awarded to a student who has displayed selflessness, strength or courage and who has inspired others by her actions, example or attitude

Bridget de Lautour

Scoular Cup for All-Round Industry

Awarded to a student whose time at school has displayed selflessness, personal efficiency, attention to duty and loyalty

Jessica Guy

Throp Prize for Citizenship

Awarded to a student who has in every way served the School and who has shown merit in her academic performance

Georgia Trent

Mabel Annie Hodge Cup

Awarded to a senior student who exemplifies the Woodford House spirit

Lucy Roberts

Kate Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a student who has displayed attributes including: Loyalty, honesty, integrity, a caring disposition, participation in school life and possesses clear leadership and initiative

Sarah Wixon

Eagles Trophy for Leadership in Year 12

Awarded to a student who shows leadership and upholds the values and attitudes expected at Woodford House

Madeleine Thompson

Head Prefect’s Prize

Awarded to the 2018 Head Prefect

Georgia Trent

House Cup

House with most points accumulated across cultural, academic, sporting and citizenship endeavours

Wallingford House

2018 Proxime Accessit (Maxwell Cup)

Eliza Jani

Eliza Jani started at Woodford House in 2017 as a Year 12 full boarder. Eliza is an extremely motivated and enthusiastic learner. She has particularly excelled in English over the last two years, and has also been outstanding in learning strong academic subjects like Calculus and Statistics. In her first year at Woodford House, Eliza achieved NCEA Level 2 with an Excellence endorsement. In 2018, she has studied Level 3 courses in Biology, Chemistry, English and Mathematics with Calculus. Eliza is also a highly creative student, and during her time at Woodford House has shown an exceptional talent in both visual and language arts.

2018 Dux

Madeleine Fenn

Madeleine joined Woodford House in 2014 and, from the outset, demonstrated her potential to succeed at the highest level in all aspects of her education. Madeleine has amassed an impressive number of Excellence credits across a wide range of subjects, and has been endorsed with Excellence at Levels 1 and 2. An overview of her academic transcript shows her artistic talent and her love for the Humanities. Madeleine attained History and English Scholarships in 2017 and with her Level 3 course has studied these subjects at Scholarship level with Painting, Geography and Classics in 2018. Madeleine has deservedly won a variety of prizes for her academic endeavour in and outside of school.