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Principal’s Message


A warm welcome to Woodford House. We have been welcoming new girls, families and friends to this beautiful site for over 100 years and with every new arrival we are reminded of how lucky we are to live and learn in such a safe, secure and stunning setting.

Woodford House is a boutique, girl-centric school where everyone knows everyone else and very quickly new faces become firm friends and part of the Woodford family.

Our confidence in our relationships means we have a solid foundation on which to achieve excellence in all our pursuits whether academic, sporting, cultural or spiritual.

Boarding lies at the heart of Woodford House. This home away from home is a wonderful way for our girls to spend their years from age 11 to 18. Boarding supports study and prep, co-curricular activities, relationship building and independence in a warm and nurturing environment.

Our special character as a Christian school with an affiliation to the Anglican church means we carry strong values with us in all our endeavours, as leaders, global citizens, life-long learners, and friends and family members.

Alongside our rich history and traditional values here at Woodford we are focused on the future. Woodford girls are building the skills, experiences, competencies, attitude and resilience required to move into life roles that will see them influence, participate, inspire and grow to be extraordinary women.

We embrace new technology, new media, new ideas and new ways of teaching. Our staff are outstanding and they bring to their work energy, commitment, robust knowledge and a willingness to embrace the future, and all it might bring. We are responsive to the needs of our girls and our clarity and agility enable us to discern what is vital for their growth.

Woodford House is a wonderful world to be part of, so welcome!

Mrs Julie Peterson, Principal