Woodford house

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Outstanding Team



Our teachers and students share information, ideas, assignments and inspiration through a learning management system called Schoology. Woodford was one of the first schools in New Zealand to introduce this system and it is invaluable in our innovative approach to teaching.

We use models such as the ‘flipped classroom’ and project-based learning to ensure all our girls are engaged and well equipped for the individual learning journey.



Lifelong Learning

All our staff have personal learning goals and pathways. We work together to ensure they receive opportunities to grow their own knowledge and experiences. In this way our teachers are as much life-long learners as our students.


Approach to Care

Our approach to pastoral care ensures every individual student has an adult who acts as their key carer. This home-room approach brings together small groups of 12 students with their tutor multiple times a week.

In this way we can guarantee all our girls are nurtured and encouraged to succeed in their individual learning journey. This approach extends outside the classroom to prep and study.