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Old Girls’ Executive Committee


Mary Sherratt (nee Mackenzie) (WH1977 – 1981)

Mary Sherratt was appointed President of the Woodford House Old Girls’ Association in 2017. She is also on the Board of Proprietors.

“I love being involved with our school and seeing the progress and achievement of one of New Zealand’s top girls’ schools”.

Mary was a Boarder from Gisborne, a Prefect and Frimley House Deputy Leader. Mary was captain of the cricket team and enjoyed playing netball. She loved History of Art with Miss Bowden.

“I couldn’t sing in tune, but I loved singing hymns in the Chapel – even now I can hear Jo King teaching us how to sing hymns and psalms, and think of her when I hear mistakes in hymns at weddings and funerals!”

Mary attended Teachers’ College in Palmerston North where she gained a Teaching Diploma. Her first teaching role was in Gisborne where she met up with her husband, Randall Sherratt, who she went to primary school with. Mary and Randall have two sons and a daughter who have left home. Their daughter, Anna Sherratt, attended Woodford House from 2008 – 2014.

Mary is currently the Secretary at Flemington School in Waipukurau and teaches a class.


Old Girl George Miller

George Miller (nee Fergusson) (WH1986 – 1990) 

George Miller started at Woodford House as a Form 2 Boarder in 1986, and left in 1990. She describes herself as “an okay A-class student, academically”, but her true passion was sport. George was involved in swimming, diving,  A Cricket (from 3rd form), A Netball (from 5th form), A Basketball (from 5th form) and A Volleyball (from 4th form).

George attended Massey University and completed a Bachelor of Arts (Social Anthropology). She lived in London for three years and worked for companies such as Pearson TV, Booz Allan Hamilton, Walker Hamill and Maersk Shipping.

She married her husband, Matt Miller, in London in 2001, before they returned home to Havelock North and founded Mogul, a digital marketing company, in 2007.  Mogul exports 40 per cent of their work offshore, and can count the following New Zealand companies and organisations as past and present clients – Gemco, Hastings District Council, World of WearableArt, Sport New Zealand, Redcurrent, Massey University and the Human Rights Commission.

George currently has two girls at Woodford House – Poppy and Scarlett – and will be doing the school run until 2023.

“In the past 10 years, I haven’t been able to be a school mum – participating in every outing and initiative. But now we have more people in the business, I have more time to contribute, and I want to spend that time on something I am passionate about.”