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Nutrition for the Next Generation

Community | June 26, 2017

“Pineapple… kiwifruit… bananas”,  shout the children. “Do you know how many portions of fruit and veg you should have a day?” asks Year 13 student Tommy Lamb. The children... Read more


Real-world Problem-solving and Innovation

Learning | November 9, 2016

Few would deny that new models of learning are required to better prepare our students for life and work in the 21st century. Current research shows that innovative teaching is required to support... Read more


Augmented Reality Enriches Teaching and Learning

Learning | November 9, 2016

New technology is transforming today’s classroom environment and augmented reality is the latest tool being used to enrich learning at Woodford House. Augmented reality is a technology... Read more


CREST Challenge

Learning | November 9, 2016

CREST is a product development competition incorporating elements of creativity, science, innovation and technology. This year, a group of Year 12 students took up the challenge. Each member of... Read more


Student Bunting Brightens the Health Centre

Learning | August 25, 2016

For my NCEA Level 3 Materials Technology course I decided to make a wall hanging for the Health Centre. The idea came to me at the beginning of the year when I first saw the freshly painted walls... Read more


Character Design Brings Creative Challenge

Technology | June 28, 2016

The opportunity arose in Materials Technology to design, develop and construct a costume for Disney's The Lion King JR, which will be performed by Woodford House and Lindisfarne College in August.... Read more


Building Healthy Communities

Community | June 28, 2016

Making healthier food choices is the focus of many communities in this changing world we live in. The challenge for Year 13 home economics students this term was to try and make a difference in... Read more

Courtney and Esther-resize

Success in Design, Make and Model Competition

Technology | November 18, 2015

Four senior materials technology students entered the Design, Make and Model competition in October, which was judged at the A and P Showgrounds. This year, our entries were about quality... Read more

Bianca Kitchin diving togs2

Designing garments for a specific purpose

Technology | October 22, 2015

At Level 2, students must design, produce and implement a garment or outfit for a specific purpose. This year, students wore their designs in a variety of contexts, including the races, diving,... Read more


Student wins Brother Designstars Craft section

Technology | October 22, 2015

Last term, Year 10 Materials Technology students entered the annual Brother Designstars Craft competition, which gives young, budding fashion designers and creative artists a chance to showcase... Read more


Fashion on a Budget

Technology | August 24, 2015

Tote bags on a shoestring budget have been designed and constructed by Year 9 Technology students over the last two terms. Fabric scraps and donated curtain samples were reworked by the girls into... Read more