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Mrs Ellis Retires After 47 Years

Mrs Ellis Retires After 47 Years

Community | November 17, 2017

Thirty-seven years ago, Margaret Ellis drove through the gates of Woodford House for the very first time. She was being interviewed for a part-time position as home economics teacher – her first... Read more

Supporting Teenage Girls

Leadership | November 17, 2017

For parents and teachers of teenage girls, ‘four seasons in one day’ doesn’t only refer to our New Zealand weather, it also refers to the very changeable emotional landscape of young women.... Read more

The Woodford House Wellbeing Programme

Leadership | September 13, 2017

“Resilience is a GPS in your brain… it tells us how to move from here to there,” says Edmond Otis, health educator, licensed psychotherapist, and speaker. Resilience tells us how to make the... Read more

Anxiety in Teenagers

Boarding | September 13, 2017

At the beginning of Term 3, the Woodford House boarding staff were fortunate to welcome Dr Lee Knight, our school counsellor and trained clinical psychologist, to guide them through some... Read more

Woodford House Welcomes Deputy Principals

Leadership | June 26, 2017

The Woodford House community warmly welcomes Deputy Principals, Stephanie Russell and Hazel Redpath, to the Senior Leadership Team. Stephanie Russell, Deputy Principal – Student... Read more

Why Is Wellbeing So Important?

Boarding | August 25, 2016

Wellbeing is the ‘oil of learning’ (Mann 2006). Our pastoral care for our girls is not the destination but the nourishment for their learning journey. Boarding provides a platform for a... Read more

Learning Opportunities to Enhance Student Wellbeing

Boarding | August 25, 2016

This term we have a wealth of workshops and programmes available to support our students to develop resiliency. Life is a mix of high and low points, with challenges and disappointments... Read more

Parent Buddy System

Pastoral | January 1, 2016

At the beginning of 2015 the pastoral team trialled an informal mentoring arrangement for parents of boarders new to Woodford House.  Parents who requested extra support with their daughter’s... Read more

New Deans structure for 2016

Pastoral | November 3, 2015

A new Deans structure will begin in 2016. This will be the final piece to an improved pastoral care system at Woodford House. Three years ago, we committed to creating a better pastoral care... Read more

The Last Piece in Place…

Pastoral | September 18, 2015

The start of 2016 brings with it the final piece to our new House-based, vertical pastoral system, with the Deans’ structure also changing to a vertical, House-based model. Through having a... Read more