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Hannah Bailey
Old Girl

Woodford provided a great environment for me to develop as an athlete and student. They supported me with nutritional talks, athlete life advice and various trainings to assist my progress in rowing, while also keeping me up to date with study during lengthy stays away.
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Molly Reynolds
Old Girl

I came to Woodford as a weekly boarder in Year 8 and made friends that still are (and will be for decades to come) my closest friends. I have now realised how boarding also encouraged independence and self-management. Living away from home was a big step to take but one which provided me with so many great memories, friends and skills.
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Jo Harvey

I took Lizzie to London to see my family this year. The trip strengthened my belief that our girls need an environment where they can grow and learn self-confidence. Armed with a good education, they can go well-prepared into the world and embrace all opportunities they encounter. Lizzie took everything in her stride and handled herself with aplomb. The environment at Woodford is preparing her well for her future.
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Catherine Bentley
Deputy Principal

Being part of Woodford is as much of a positive, life affirming experience for the teachers as it for the students. The support we receive, the access to global ideas and the development in our own teaching practice is coupled by a school-wide dedication to life-long learning. I am proud to be part of such a forward-thinking school.
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We offer a full range of subjects and learning opportunities for all our students. We encourage students to get involved in a number of co-curriculum activities and experiences from after-school classes to trips and camps.

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